Friday, April 27, 2012

First time thrifting

Today I went thrifting/op shopping for the first time at the Anglican warehouse in Summer Hill!

I ended up with a cute black and white bag which cost $6. The black part of it was horrendously sticky (for some reason) though, so I had to give it a good scrub down with baby oil, detergent mixed with water... and I even added some baby powder for good measure to get rid of the greasy-ness afterwards!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April Gmarket Haul~

I am yet again amazed at how fast the gmarket order went - it only took a week from the time of ordering for the package to get to my house!

I was surprised at how small/light the box was! Well.. ever since my first order of 2012, which was a big and heavy box I've forgotten how it usually is haha!

This time I ordered 4 pieces of clothing for myself + a bunch of hair accessories and a jacket for friends. I'll only be reviewing the things I bought for myself because obviously I won't be opening my friend's :)

Now for the review! I've added the stock photo of the item and a picture of what it looks like irl. I've also modelled the items, which you'll find right at the end of the review.

Scallop Collar "French" Blouse
→ Seller 마크막스


This is so cute >A< I really like this blouse! The quality is surprisingly good for the price (around aud$15) and it's exactly as advertised. There are several other blouses from MakMaks that I want so I'll probably get those in the future :)

Baggy Knit
→ Seller 가스나나


I got this knit in beige. This was really cheap too, a bit under aud$15. The quality is really good!! I was surprised because I was expecting worse. A similar knit where I live would easily cost over $50, so almost 3x the price on gmarket. I also expected this to be less baggy because the model is TINY and from the premium reviews I had a look at. I like the level of loose-ness of this so I'm very happy! This makes me want to get the mustard yellow version as well!

Floral Pleat Skirt
→ Seller 요즘에


I was contemplating whether to get the yellow or red version. I'm glad I chose the red, but I still want the yellow version! I am really, really surprised at how good the quality of this skirt is - especially for the price, which was around aud$10! Cannot wait to wear this <3

Pleated Midi Skirt
→ Seller 슈가펀


I was eyeing this midi skirt for a month (or two?) and finally decided to get it! I also wanted the mustard yellow one (actually, I want all the colours!), but I settled for the light pink one. It is adorable, and exactly as advertised! The quality is good for the price though my photo doesn't do it justice! I was either going to get a maxi skirt or midi skirt, but I'm glad I settled for the midi skirt because I'm short and the maxi would have probably been too long for me! I cannot wait to wear this as well - it's a more conservative length, which I'm liking!

And~ Here are the four pieces I bought, modelled... Sorry for the dim lighting, I got the package early in the morning and had to wait till I came back from uni to do most of the photo-taking, plus all these photos were taken on my phone, hence the grainy quality!

This is by far my best gmarket haul yet! It's the first time that I've been really satisfied with all the pieces I purchased! I had spent ages (well, a month at least) looking at these pieces and deciding what to get. So, it does pays to think about what you need and want rather than chuck stuff in the cart on impulse :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Wondering whether I should get a baseball/varsity jacket from gmarket or not... There are so many pretty colour combinations... I'm liking the grey+pink (below), black+grey, brown+pink and navy+white combinations.

(Seller 점핑포켓 - click image to go to mini shop)

It would be oh-so-perfect for those lazy winter days! Though, that would defeat the purpose of my resolution to put for effort and to dress more feminine!